ideas give shape to every physical manifestation, continually subjected to transmutation.

art by Martina Belli


Obscurity must be explored, understood, heard. The light of revelation is generated from first-hand experience and knowledge. Will you face obscurity in order for light to reveal itself?

Trained since his childhood and cybernetically augmented to seek justice in the canal-filled city of Florydia, Fulvio Donati is an assassin and thief who adopted a double identity. When night falls, Fulvio becomes Umbra: a masked vigilante, a charming and lethal shadow.

The intellectual, philosopher and alchemist Soleluna Giordani was only twenty-nine when their search for immortality led them to a terrible mistake. Their consciousness has been trapped inside a mask for almost eight centuries, an irremediable captivity that robbed them of a glorious existence and their place in history.

In a beautiful yet corrupted land in which crime lords, celebrities and ruthless politicians are competing for the highest power, a deadly conspiracy is unfolding. While alchemists and courtesans search for a way to survive and a prince must search for one to save his life, Fulvio finds himself involved in intrigues and machinations.

Soleluna will show Fulvio the way, guiding him with their wit and their boundless wisdom. Fulvio will show Soleluna a world they were never meant to see, an astounding futuristic reality going beyond anything they’ve ever imagined. Together, they shall save Florydia from its downfall.

Please be mindful this story includes content that may be troubling to some readers, including, but not limited to, gore, violence, torture, violent death, medical procedures and experiments, PTSD, substance addiction, smoking and drinking, smut, sex work, profanities, mention of suicide, mention of SA, emotional abuse, hallucinations, mild body horror, depiction of low-life and organised crime, kidnapping. Discretion is advised.

About me

Freddie A. Clark is the entity hiding in a thread of cables and flowers, a cyborg riding their motorcycle in the streets of a Cyberpunk metropolis, a masked alchemist traversing Venetian canals.

Proud human slave of three former stray cats, Non-Binary (they/them), Norse Pagan and hopeless nerd, Freddie is influenced by the work of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Pat Cadigan, Anne Rice, and Neil Gaiman among many others.

Their creativity draws from ’80s aesthetic, movies and pop culture, and from an endless pile of books, graphic novels, manga and videogames. A Synthwave music enthusiast, born from metal, Freddie will take your hand and guide you in their vast high-tech Fantasy world.

Freddie’s novel Umbra: Tales of A Shadow tells the story of a masked vigilante and assassin and an ancient alchemist whose consciousness is trapped inside a mask, while a conspiracy unfolds in a beautiful, high-tech baroque city inspired by Venice.

The shadow is the first and last appearance of our most hidden origin. Born from the shadows, we are shadows ourselves. Shadows we were, shadows we are, and shadows we will be.