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The Harbinger of Freedom

In the millenary world of Taenand, the continent of Empiria is oppressed by a fifty year lasting military dictatorship perpetrated by the Army of the Harpy, the leader of which is the young General of aristocratic descent Ludwig Maximilian Eckhale who inherited the throne and became the second Emperor of his Era.

In these challenging times, Valerius Raleigh, a young noble as the Emperor himself, takes on the mission to inspire his country to break its chains and free itself from the ever more raging tyranny, first becoming a symbol and a messenger of freedom, then building an army whose purpose is to take down the reign of terror and injustice which threatens to spread all over Taenand due to the ruthless ruler’s strategic mindset and powerful alliances.

The Harbinger of Freedom is the first act of the Falling Feathers Series, a crazy mix of blood, sex, drugs, hacking, cybernetic augmentations, shamanism, fantasy creatures, artificial life and an overall retrofuturistic and cyberpunkish aesthetic. In this vast, complex world, liberty and self-determination play a pivotal role in the search for balance and justice for all, while the diverse characters are pawns in a gritty game of power, intrigues and violence in which there is no place for surrender or subjugation.

Please be mindful this story includes content that may be troubling to some readers, including, but not limited to, violence, depictions of violent death, several types of abuse, mutilation, medical procedures, self-harm, social hatred, childhood trauma, substance addiction, prostitution, spiders, PTSD, warfare. Discretion is advised.


In spite of its artistic value, inclusive religion, fair monarchy and apparent perfection, the breathtaking, canal-filled city of Florydia is a corrupted land in which corporate vultures, mobsters, vicious celebrities and ruthless aristocrats are competing for the highest power.

The rejects’ only hope is a protector and avenger whose mission is to seek justice for those who have no voice and no weapons to defend themselves.

Trained since his childhood to take on this role, Fulvio Donati, a lively, cybernetically augmented young man known for his criminal talent and his innate charm, adopted a double identity since the woman who preceded and tutored him decided to retire at old age and continue her mission in a subtler, unconventional way.

Every night Fulvio becomes Umbra, a masked vigilante, defender of outcasts, but also a cold-blooded thief and assassin. A shadow, one with the darkness, whose blades’ sharpness is second only to his enticing wit.

Please be mindful this story includes mature content, including, but not limited to, violence, depictions of violent death, substance addiction. Discretion is advised.

About me

Freddie A. Clark is the author of The Harbinger of Freedom and Umbra and builder of a Cyberpunkish Fantasy world.

Proud human slave of three former stray cats, Non-Binary person and Norse pagan, hopeless nerd and big fan of any kind of Fantasy media, Freddie is a Cyberpunk geek influenced not only by the works of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Pat Cadigan among many others, but also by manga masterpieces as Akira and Ghost in The Shell. Freddie is also a Synthwave music enthusiast and a devoted fan of ’80s aesthetic, movies and pop culture.

Freddie’s debut novel The Harbinger of Freedom is the first act of The Falling Feathers Series, the epic journey of a young man who has taken up the torch to free his land from the grip of a tyrant. A story of equality, rebellion and struggle for one’s rights.

Freddie’s upcoming novel Umbra tells the story of Fulvio Donati, a thief, assassin, masked vigilante and protector of the outcasts in the beautiful city of Florydia.

It would’ve amazed anyone during night-time, when the only lights in which it was immersed were those overlapping unnaturally upon the dark buildings where, other than the glowing windows, only the silhouettes were visible.

art by Katerina “NinjaJo” Belikova

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