About me

Freddie A. Clark is the author of The Harbinger of Freedom and Umbra builder of a Cyberpunkish Fantasy world.

Secret identity of an insurance back office administrator, Freddie expresses her true nature through creativity, witty humour and an unconventional appearance.

Proud human slave of three former stray cats, Non-Binary person (she/her and he/him pronouns, interchangeably) and Norse pagan, hopeless nerd and big fan of any kind of Fantasy media, Freddie is a Cyberpunk geek influenced not only by the works of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Pat Cadigan among many others, but also by manga masterpieces as Akira and Ghost in The Shell. Freddie is also a Synthwave music enthusiast and a devoted fan of ’80s aesthetic, movies and pop culture.

He can type more than 4,000 words in a few hours, but don’t ask him to do it without drinking a strong italian espresso first. Alternatively, you can offer him a well-made gin tonic and the results would be impressive as well.

Freddie’s debut novel The Harbinger of Freedom is the first act of The Falling Feathers Series, the epic journey of a young man who has taken up the torch to free his land from the grip of a tyrant. A story of equality, rebellion and struggle for one’s rights.

Freddie’s serial novel Umbra tells the story of Fulvio Donati, a thief, assassin, masked vigilante and protector of the outcasts in the beautiful city of Florydia.