About me

Freddie A. Clark is the entity hiding in a thread of cables and flowers, a cyborg riding their motorcycle in the streets of a Cyberpunk metropolis, a masked alchemist traversing Venetian canals.
Proud human slave of three former stray cats, Non-Binary person (they/them), Norse Pagan and hopeless nerd, Freddie is influenced by the work of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Pat Cadigan, Anne Rice, and Neil Gaiman among many others.
Their creativity draws from ‘80s aesthetic, movies and pop culture, and from an endless pile of books, graphic novels, manga and videogames. A Synthwave music enthusiast, born from metal, Freddie will take your hand and guide you in their vast high-tech Fantasy world.
Freddie’s debut novel The Harbinger of Freedom is the first act of The Falling Feathers Series, the epic journey of a young man who has taken up the torch to free his land from the grip of a tyrant. A story of equality, rebellion, and struggle for one’s rights.
Freddie’s upcoming novel Umbra: Tales of A Shadow tells the story of an assassin and an ancient alchemist whose consciousness is trapped inside a mask, while a conspiracy unfolds in a beautiful, high-tech baroque city filled with canals.